Turn into pictures the event of your life ...

... and capture your precious memories

As far as I can remember, a camera has always stood where an important memory in my life has played out.

I have always considered photography as an art because it has the quality to catch a unique momentum that will never happen again. For that reason, photography is an incredible space that turns simple moments into poetry, beauty and emotion.

Most of all, I love being part of a wedding and witness the love of people.
Capture what ? The beauty of the moment, the bride and groom, but also what at first glance does not attract attention, those precious things that no one has time to see in the maelstrom of the event.

Being a wedding photographer is much more than just taking pictures. It is being the messenger who highlights the encounter of love and fate.

As Henri Cartier-Bresson put it so well :

"If there is no emotion, if there is not a shock, if you do not react to sensitivity, you should not take a photo. This is the picture that takes us"

A Style

The difference between an ordinary photograph and something exceptional is a matter of centimeter.

A simple detail can change the whole aesthetic of an image and turn it into a pure harmony. This sense of the detail and the momentum is a prerogative and an endless personal research. This is why I am a photographer.

Weddings are very codified, yet each of them has its own particularity. These are the details that I strive to understand, observe and capture.

You have spent so many hours preparing your wedding to make it an exceptional moment at your image !

That is why I pay particular attention to these small details that have a meaning for you such as wedding rings, invitations, floral design, tables and places and which are all details that build the backdrop of this day of celebration.

A Philosophy

Your wedding is the greatest moment of your life.

Your relationship is unique and deserves the best. The photographs of your wedding are what will remain and will fuel your memories throughout your life. That's why I get into each wedding with the goal of making it the most beautiful wedding I've ever shot.

And a successful wedding starts with a good preparation. We will meet beforehand to get to know each other. We will list together your priorities, your tastes and all the details I should not miss in order to capture everything that is important to you on the big day.

I will assist you, before and during your wedding in order to advise you and meet the best to your expectations.

Ask me your questions. I am here to help you organize your day as best as possible in order to give you the most beautiful images possible.