What is youR photographic style ?



My photographic style is Fine-Art.

The first words that instantly spring to everyone's mind to describe a wedding day are emotion, joy and love. This is why my photographs have this soft light touch, pastel colors and a characteristic grain proper to the silver films.

A photograph is not beautiful just because it is technically worked. The most beautiful images are often simple because they evoke authentic emotion, like the love of two beings who unite. For all these reasons my photos are not posed but spontaneous.




I live in Paris, France but I would be happy to immortalize your union anywhere in France, Europe or beyond. Contact me for more information about the organization of your wedding.



I usually work alone. Most of the key moments can be captured with a single photographer. When the number of guests exceeds 150 people, it might be necessary to have a second photographer but it depends on your wishes. The second photographer is charged in addition to my rates.

Are you working with an assistant or a second photographer ? If so, is it included in your prices ?



Yes. I usually do a recon several weeks before the event. If your wedding is located far from my place or abroad, I arrive on the eve to do it.


I always work with two cameras. This allows me on the one hand to be more responsive depending on the situation but also to react instantly in the case of a hardware failure, which remains an extremely rare event. To make everything secure, each of my cameras has a double slot for memory cards with dual writing to also prevent from memory crashes. Arrived at home, I secure the photos in triplicate. Your photos are like gold to me.

what happens in CASE of a breakdown?


My wedding formulas are structured around a specific number of hours. It starts from 8 to 14 hours of presence. Any extra hour is charged. In case of late in your schedule, I offer you the first hour.

How long are you staying ? if we are late on our schedule, will there be additional costs ?


how many photos do you deliver ?

Depending the chosen wedding formula, I guarantee 300+ to 600+ photos and it is generally more.


Are the photos retouched ?

After the wedding, I sort and digitally process each photograph.

Editing is not cheating. Quite the contrary, the treatment of colors and contrasts, the application of the characteristic grain of my images are all criteria that aim to make your photos even more beautiful.


how long do you take to deliver the photos ?

The average delivery time is around 4-5 weeks but I always try to deliver to you as soon as possible.

Once my work is done, you will be able to view the results in an online gallery that you can share with the guests of your choice. The HD photos will then be given to you on a USB key or digital medium of your choice for your exclusive use.


Do you ALSO MAKE Video ?

Unfortunately no. Even though I love video, I prefer to keep focused on photography. Doing both is always possible but this would impact the quality of the overall service. Doing average work is not an option to me.

However, I can recommend excellent videographers who share the same vision as i do and whom I will recommend to you without hesitation.